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Consign or Sell

For items to be Purchased ("Buyout") or Consigned 

  • All clothing should be carried in on hangers.  WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ITEMS IN LARGE "TRASH' BAGS. Please pack accessories, shoes, etc. in open shopping bags, open bins or boxes.
  • We will examine your items within two (2) business days.   At that time, we will call (text) you with a "buy" price  and to let you know if there are items we cannot use.  If you want to pick up items we cannot consign, you must do so within 48 hours of our notification. 

    Consignment Info 

    • We CONSIGN seasonally and are not able to accept items for seasons other than the current selling season.
    • Items remain on display for 6 weeks.
    • You receive 40% of the selling price. There are no fees to consign.
    • You may make arrangements to reclaim unsold items at the end of the consignment period.
    • Payment is at the end of the 6-week period. You may choose to shop with the monies that have accrued on the account.

    “Buyout” Info

    • You may bring all seasons.
    • Payment is generally immediate. Exceptions include large estates, items that require research to determine authenticity or value and instances where a trained associate is not available.

    Our Guidelines (Both Consignment and Buyout options)

    • We accept current styles (purchased new within the past 2 years) in excellent condition. We cannot accept items that show signs of excessive wear, are covered with pet hair, are severely wrinkled or those that smell of smoke or other odors.
    • All jewelry is clean and polished.  
    • All  items should be freshly-cleaned and ready to sell. 
    • We specialize in designer and better label fashions from upscale department stores and boutiques.

    What To Bring

    • Clothing - Casual and Athleisure
    • Outerwear - Coats & Jackets.  
    • Designer shoes, purses, belts and other accessories
    • Jewelry - Better costume & sterling
    • Fine Jewelry - Signed pieces, precious metal and estate pieces
    • Unopened/Unexpired cosmetics, hair products and skincare.